Karen Weldin Stewart The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been the single biggest insurance challenge of our lifetime. Through my leadership and the coordinated efforts of many, I have worked hard to assist in getting health care for everyone, I will continue to do so. My passion will remain to do this while making the Affordable Care Act more “affordable” to all consumers.

I stand committed to continue working with my partners including but not limited to Delaware's Federal delegation, the Department of Health and Social Services and others to meet the challenges of the Affordable Care Act.

In the last two years, at my direction the Department of Insurance applied for and was awarded a $1.17M federal grant to support health insurance rate review and increase transparency in the pricing of medical services. I eagerly await recommendations as a result of this grant for improving the health care rate review process by refining the methodology for rate review and by conducting more-in depth data analysis on health care claims.

The claims of course are a result of the cost drivers associated with health care in Delaware. Delaware's health related costs especially hospital costs are the highest in the region. I look forward to an improved health care system that utilizes the processes currently being tested and implemented under the direction and coordination of the State Health Care Innovation Plan. Hopefully those efforts will be fruitful in bending the cost curve thereby reducing costs and in turn reducing insurance premiums.

Insurance affects all Delawareans. Throughout my time in office, Consumers have been and will remain my number one priority. The Department of Insurance receives thousands of insurance related inquiries annually. The Department of Insurance Consumer Service investigators will continue to intervene with the Insurance companies on behalf of the Consumer. Under my leadership the Department has recovered for the consumer, on average, 33% of monies in dispute with Insurance companies each year since I was sworn in as Commissioner. This is 28% higher than the monies recovered the year before I assumed office.

During my two terms in office, the department has received two accreditations from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. As insurance regulation evolves, the required oversight of Insurance companies becomes more complex. My task as Insurance Commissioner is to assure that companies remain solvent and able to pay insurance claims consistent with the coverage they have promised to provide. I always strive to attract new companies to Delaware. I do this by utilizing the best and brightest within the Department of Insurance in the evaluation of new companies prior to approving them to do business in Delaware. I have maximized staffing efficiency and maintain the 8th lowest insurance regulatory budget in the country, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. I look forward to another term to continue my passion to better serve Delawareans.